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I dont know about you but I am E.X.H.A.U.S.T.E.D! But I’m not complaining! Just the opposite. I am so so blessed. So this week I decided I needed to take a little break and show myself a little love.  I have been working hard. HARD and I cannot wait for what is just around the corner – a new website – a new business venture possibly – 26 weddings – EEEEE. SOooooooo before that all starts going at warp speed I wanted to slow down for a second and celebrate me and show myself a little love. You always always have to take care of yourself and that is sometimes extremely hard to do. But it’s important. Love yourself! Before you can love another, you need to love yourself – so I decided this weekend I am as much as possible going to nurture and care for myself. I am heading to Brainerd with my 2 little’s and am going to just INDULGE.  in naps, in good food, in family and I cannot wait. How do you show yourself the LOVE you deserve? Everyone’s lives get going so fast it’s easy to forget. Everyone has crazy, busy schedules. Let me help you with some ideas on how to pamper yourself!

1. A bubble bath – this one is inspired from my good friend Melissa. I cannot remember the last time I took a bubble bath – and it’s especially hard when little Emmy has to constantly come crashing in to go potty or little Nolan comes by and tries to get in the tub fully dressed. But how nice does that sound. Light’s dimmed, maybe even some candlelight, a book and soft music? or wine….

2. Get outside and BREATHE some fresh AIR- we have all been cooped up for a long while. A very long while.  And I dont know about you but I know some fresh air would do me very good! And it’s free- I have plans to go on a nice long walk with my lovely Contax and take some wonderful film images that remind me of home, where I grew up. Winston the dog may even come too… I love shooting for me and heck it’s going to be 40 degrees people. almost time for flip flops – well maybe if you wear socks with them. NO! I am not saying that is okay.

3. Make something with your hands!  whenever I get together with my mom crafty things happen. and I am not crafty by any means but emmy loves a good project as do I. And it’s even better when I get to make  a mess in someone else’s house -this weekend I’m thinking I’d like to paint some mason jars to have for who knows what – vases, pencil holders…but it’s so easy a 3 year old can do it and when I see the accomplished smile on her face I feel good – one way to love yourself is to show love to others ;) SMART

My mom has also gone ahead and done the dirty walk and perfected these cute little Easter egg ornaments. Emmy loves loves to decorate Easter trees so why not let her make the ornaments while she’s at it

4. Of course- pamper yourself! Facial, Massage. Manicure, Pedicure… When I’m in Brainerd I love to book myself a hair appointment or get my nails done. Not only do I have free daycare but it’s also a little bit cheaper up in the North Country. And if they are all booked I happen to know a very good manicurist who will also give you a pedicure free of charge – she’s just a little short and a little messy but her heart is in the right spot.

5. Indulge in something YUMMY – I am so tired of hearing you shouldn’t eat that, it’s bad for you, only in small portions…I’m sorry but one of my 5 senses is TASTE and I’m not gonna waste it! Besides my mom’s fridge and pantry are always filled to the brim with stuff that my gargantuan brother likes since he’s still growing (right-he’s only 21) and there is nothing better than a heaping bowl of vanilla bean ice cream with sprinkles on top sitting in front of our TV watching Duck Dynasty on the Discovery channel- WHAT!? never heard of it. Do yourself a favor and give yourself 30 minutes. It will change your life and in my family it brings us all together. Nice family bonding time.

do you have any ideas for me on how you show yourself LOVE? I’d LOVE to hear them :) Have a great weekend and let us all come back refreshed, re-energized and with a full belly.



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